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More Zips for You!
Terrapin Adventures would like to build more ziplines for you to experience and we can't do it without your help. Howard County needs to know that you would support more fun and thrills.  Our plan is to build a zip line canopy tour starting near its current location at Savage Mill with 5 zip lines and 4 canopy bridges totaling 2,400 ft. in length. More details below.

If you would like to see this come to fruition, show your support by attending our Howard County Recreation and Parks Hearing at the Howard County Recreation & Park headquarters at 7120 Oakland Mills Rd, Columbia, MD 21046 on Wednesday November 17, 2010 at 7:30PM and/or please forward this email today to with your name, signature, address and approval. You have a chance to make a difference and support a local small business that is enhancing the community with eco-friendly outdoor recreation.

Canopy tours combine a sense of adventure with eco-tourism giving guests a “no sweat” adrenaline rush while they learn about the natural environment in a safe family friendly activity. Up to eight guests at a time will be escorted by specially trained guides who enhance the experience with their enthusiasm and knowledge of local plants, animals, local history, and the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

Zip lines tours can be operated year round for people of all ages and do not require participants to be in top physical shape.

 Despite the thrill, the zip line canopy tour is safe, insurable and provides great family fun. For those that have never experienced the thrill of a zip line canopy tour, imagine gliding along a steel cable supported by a harness and pulley system as you delight in the aerial view of the forest canopy, the river below, and your surroundings.

Terrapin Adventures proposes the following:
1. TA will take on 100% of the financial and operational risk of the project while paying Howard County a lease payment for using very small plots of land for the 10 telephone poles and guy wires that it will use as stations for the zip line canopy tour. As most of the course crosses the open air above the river, only minor tree trimming will be necessary.

2. TA will indemnify Howard County by continuing to list them as an additional insured on its general liability insurance policy as it does now under an existing recreation use agreement to use Savage Park.

3. We would build the course outside the 100-year flood plain as identified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. We also are far away from any of the existing and proposed home/townhome developments,  and will not add to any light pollution.

4. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has indicated that there are no endangered species in the designated area so disturbance to wildlife is minimal. Our course should not interfere with any current recreational users including fisherman & hikers.

I am asking the local community for support before I present before the Howard County Recreation and Parks Advisory Board.

I would appreciate you indicating whether you support my proposed business below.
___ I support
___ I do not support the proposed zip line tour by Terrapin Adventures at Savage Mill.

_______________________________Print Name


Address                                                                                                  County

Click here for a PDF of the petition with a Map or sign and forward this to or print and fax to 301 725-0445.

Thank you, Let Yourself Soar!
Matt Baker, Chief Adventure Officer
Terrapin Adventures | 8600 Foundry Street | Savage, MD 20763 | Tel. 301.725.1313
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